Businesses large and small across Green Bay rely on their servers to keep their corporate IT systems running.

Total Computing Solutions custom builds servers to meet our clients unique needs and also provides support for all types of servers common to small businesses in Green Bay Area. Our team of information technology specialists are knowledgeable about most of the top server systems used by companies like yours.

Even though some applications are becoming more and more cloud based, these are not the most appropriate choices for every company. Many companies remain better served with an in-house server or servers to support functions such as databases, applications, file storage, remote access, etc., or perhaps a hybrid model, combining the benefits of both on-premise and cloud based technologies. Every company is different, but there is one thing that you can always be certain of – these types of decisions are best made with the advice of a true IT expert that has your best interests in mind and they should definitely not be made by a salesperson!

We support:

  • Microsoft Windows Servers
  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Servers
  • Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Microsoft SQL Servers
  • Linux Servers
  • And many more…

You can trust our team to make sure your servers stay up and running. You can rest assured knowing our server professionals have the right tools in place to keep your servers secured, data backed up and operating at maximum efficiency.

Who takes care of your important server systems today? A professional company with certified server technicians is what your company needs. Total Computing Solutions offers you a team of server experts who can and will take care of all your business server needs.

Book an introductory assessment of your business server needs. We will ensure your servers are:

  • Properly backed up
  • Secure from viruses and ransomware
  • Optimized and running at peak efficiency
  • Network shares setup and secured properly
  • Much more…

Call (920) 569-2681, or e-mail us at and have one of our server professionals discuss how Total Computing Solutions can help set up and manage your small business servers and networks.