Business IT Solutions

Looking for the best technology for your company?

Total Computing Solutions offers a wide range of IT products for all of your business technology needs. We take pride in offering only the highest quality products that have proven their value. We have experience with and a wealth of knowledge about our products and stand behind each one.

Get the best technology for your business from Total Computing Solutions. To learn more about our products and what they can do for your business give us a call at (920) 569-2681, or send an e-mail to, to speak with a member of our team today!

Total Computing Solutions specializes in developing and servicing the most sophisticated IT solutions available. We offer a wide range of IT products, including:

Custom-Built Computer Systems

You need your computer to serve a specific purpose, so why would you settle for a generic store brand model? Total Computing Solutions can custom build you a machine that is tailored to your specific needs and give you the confidence in knowing you’re using the best tool for the job.

Computer Parts

We have a breadth of knowledge in the most up-to-date technology solutions on the market, and we keep an extensive stock of the highest quality computer components available for retail purchase. Here are just some of the brands we carry:

  • Western Digital
  • Crucial
  • Antec
  • Gigabyte
  • Asus
  • Intel
  • AMD

Computer Accessories

Computer accessories play a big role in the customization of a machine and are often needed to tailor a system to a specific task, helping you streamline operations and improve efficiency and productivity. Total Computing Solutions carries a wide range of the best computer accessories available in today’s marketplace.  Here are just some of the brands we carry:

  • Belkin
  • APC
  • Vantec
  • Logitech
  • Microsoft
  • SanDisk
  • ViewSonic
  • Rosewell

Network Equipment

Your network plays a monumental role in the operational success of your company. It allows for enhanced workforce communication, collaboration, and efficiency. Total Computing Solutions understands the value of supporting such a key part of your business, which is why we carry an extensive line of best-in-class network equipment products. Here are just some of the brands we carry:

  • ZyXEL
  • Black Box Network Services
  • Belkin
  • APC


Your software is the driving force behind your business. Not only do you rely on it to protect you from operational interruptions, viruses, and malware, it also allows your workforce to stay productive and your entire network to run. Total Computing Solutions carries an extensive line-up of software types to satisfy all of your business needs. Here are just some of the brands we carry:

  • Microsoft
  • Avast!
  • Retrospect
  • Malwarebytes

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products to cover all of your business technology needs. For more information on our product offerings, contact Total Computing Solutions at (920) 569-2681 or