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Keylogger Risks on HP Laptops Revealed

An article that was recently published on revealed a major computer security concern in more than 460 models of HP laptops. Installed on every laptop is a piece of software, called a driver, that allows the keyboard and touchpad to function within Windows. Michael Myng, a computer security researcher, has discovered specific HP drivers […]

Ransomware Attack on NC Government Agencies

A recent Associated Press article highlights some of the harsh realities of getting infected with ransomware. The article talks about how Mecklenburg County, North Carolina government agencies recently fell victim to a serious ransomware attack and lost the ability to use most of their computer systems. The day-to-day operations of the county came to a […]


According to a recent article on, computer security researchers have discovered a new cyber attack that affects the WPA2 wireless security protocol. This security protocol is used by most modern wireless devices to create a secure wireless network. When you join your laptop, smart phone or other wireless device to a WPA2 capable wireless […]

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