Keylogger Risks on HP Laptops Revealed

An article that was recently published on revealed a major computer security concern in more than 460 models of HP laptops. Installed on every laptop is a piece of software, called a driver, that allows the keyboard and touchpad to function within Windows.hp-laptops-keylogger-danger-blog-post-image Michael Myng, a computer security researcher, has discovered specific HP drivers contain a potentially malicious tool called a keylogger. A keylogger is software which can record a user’s keyboard input and, in some cases, the movement of the mouse cursor. Keyloggers can be a helpful, legitimate tool used by computer technicians to help diagnose a problem, but they can also be used by individuals with malicious intent.

HP states that the keyloggers are disabled by default, so they are not automatically recording what you type. However, if a cyber criminal were to gain access to your system, they can enable the keylogger and record anything you type into the computer. This can include anything you search for, any sensitive information you may be working on, and usernames and passwords to any accounts you access while the keylogger is active. HP has released a list of all the models that have a keylogger installed. In order to determine if your system is affected please check this list.

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