Intel Management Engine Vulnerability

The Intel Management Engine is a standalone platform in some Intel-based computer systems that allows support specialists to provide remote technical support, troubleshooting, and virus removal to businesses and home users. According to an article on, a vulnerability has been discovered in the Management Engine that can allow malicious individuals or groups to gain access to your system without your knowledge or consent.

After the intruders have gained access, they are free to take your personal data, make changes to your files and settings, or install viruses, malware, and spyware on your computer. Since the Management Engine is a standalone platform, your computer does not need to be powered on for them to gain access, though it does still need to be plugged in.

Intel has released a detection tool that will allow users to determine if the affected version of the Management Engine is present in their systems. Intel has also begun to release updates to fix this vulnerability to manufacturers like Lenovo, Dell, and HP, but they are yet to distribute the updates to end-users. Due to the severity of the issue, users should install the fix as soon as it becomes available.

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