Home Computer Services

Who can you trust to take care of your home computers?

Are you comfortable letting a stranger into your home?

Each day computer service techs all across the country are allowed to service computers in homes to take care of home computers and home networks.  Who can you trust?

You need to have a certified team of computer specialists who can take care of all your home computer support needs without worrying who is entering your home.

Total Computing Solutions removes this from your worry list.

Total Computing Solutions provides the computer support you need to keep your home computer systems and network functioning and secured from malware, viruses, ransomware and other cyber threats.

Home computers can be a gateway into company networks, and they need to be setup correctly and secured from threats.  We do this for you.

  • Looking for a new computer system? Our team can help you find and source a reliable home computer depending on what your needs are.
  • Have a wireless network? You can trust our team to set up your home wireless network and ensure that it is protected from unwanted guests.
  • Concerned about viruses? Many of our customers have concerns about the security of their computer systems, especially viruses and malware. These threats are serious concerns and you can trust us to ensure that your systems are adequately protected.
  • Have a home network? Need to share files or print to your home printer? Our team can set up a secure home network that allows you to share information, photos, files, music and other items you have to share. We also ensure that you can print from any device to your home printer.

Total Computing Solutions will ensure that your home computer systems, including laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones are fully functional.  What if you need repair?  We will ensure all your computer repairs are completed in a timely fashion.

Need help?  Our team of experts are standing by to help with all your home computer support and service needs.  Call us at (920) 569-2681, or send email service@tcsdepere.com to book an in-home consultation.