Communication is the backbone of operational success in today’s business environment.

Whether it’s corresponding with your colleagues, clients, or vendors, Total Computing Solutions understands that in order to fulfill your day-to-day tasks, you require a strong, secure, and reliable means of communication. E-mail has become the business standard for communication, and that’s why Total Computing Solutions offers industry-leading enterprise-grade e-mail services.

Empower your workforce with first class e-mail services from Total Computing Solutions. To learn more about our e-mail services give us a call at
(920) 569-2681, or send an e-mail to service@tcsdepere.com to speak with a member of our team today.

Your e-mail address leaves a strong impression, impacting how others view your business. Don’t settle for generic Gmail or Yahoo domain names, which can often cause your company to be perceived as an amateur operation. Total Computing Solutions allows you to create a more professional image for your company by hosting your e-mail with addresses at your own domain name. Get the competitive edge with clean and professional domain names and e-mail addresses for your entire workforce.

Your information is valuable, which is why it’s important to safeguard it. Free e-mail accounts don’t protect you from malicious attacks and can often make you an easy target for cyber criminals. Our e-mail services provide maximum security, privacy and reliability to ensure that your e-mail is always running at peak efficiency. Through our partnership with DataGuard Hosting, we are able to ensure that you are always protected from security threats with our first class e-mail security features including:

  • Encryption At Rest and In Transit to the Maximum Extent Possible
  • Robust Junk Mail Management
  • Anti-Virus System
  • Integrated Server Based Calendar System
  • Integrated Server Based Address Book System
  • Secure Web Based Interface
  • Secure IMAP / SMTP / CalDAV / CardDAV Interfaces

Total Computing Solutions e-mail service gives your company the professional image it deserves and keeps your private communications safe. Contact Total Computing Solutions at (920) 569-2681, or service@tcsdepere.com to learn more about what our e-mail services can do for your company.