Adobe Flash Player Vulnerability

According to a recent article on, there is a new security vulnerability in the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. adobe-flash-player-vulnerability-post-imageFlash version, and later, contain an exploit that can allow attackers to gain control of your computer system. This vulnerability is leveraged by Microsoft Office documents that contain content that uses Flash Player. Attackers can send an infected Microsoft Office document to you through e-mail or you may be prompted to download and open an infected document from a malicious website. After gaining access to your system, an attacker can access your personal information. One way to protect yourself from this exploit is to not open any documents from any unsolicited emails or downloads you receive. Adobe has released a new version of Flash Player that fixes this exploit.

It is recommended that you update your version of Adobe Flash Player. If you have any questions about this Adobe Flash Player vulnerability or you would like assistance in updating Adobe Flash on your system(s), please feel free to contact one of our friendly IT support technicians at (920) 569-2681. If you live in the greater Green Bay / De Pere area, you can stop in and see us for some advice at our office located at 400 Reid Street in De Pere, WI.