Malicious Software Found In Apple App Store

Computer security researchers have discovered numerous popular apps that contained malicious code in Apple’s App Store. These malicious apps managed to pass Apple’s strict scrutinization and become available for download alongside other legitimate apps. One such app is Adware Doctor, which claimed to remove adware threats from systems. According to an article on, Adware […]

KeyPass Ransomware Advisory

A new ransomware infection has been reported as being on the rise. Known as KeyPass, it is infecting systems at a rapid pace. According to Kaspersky security researchers, from the time of August 8th to August 10th, this ransomware has been detected in over 20 countries and is continuing to spread.  KeyPass is infecting systems […]

Nigelthorn Malware Advisory

A new form of malware was discovered in March of 2018 and is quickly infecting computer systems all over the Internet.  According to, the malware, Nigelthorn, is being spread through Facebook links that appear to be from a source that you may know and trust.  After clicking on the link, you will be directed […]

Total Computing Solutions is Hiring!

Total Computing Solutions is expanding our team! We are looking to hire a part-time IT service technician to assist with an increasing demand for our services. This will be a part-time position with regularly scheduled hours and can be classified as either regular part-time or as a paid internship based upon the successful candidate’s status. […]

AMD Ryzen and Epyc CPU Security Flaws

Not too long ago, it was discovered that Intel CPUs were vulnerable to exploits known as Spectre and Meltdown. An article on reports that a security company from Israel, CTS-Labs, recently discovered security flaws in AMD’s new Ryzen and Epyc processor lines.  CTS-Labs reports no less than 13 vulnerabilities that allow malicious code to […]

Adobe Flash Player Vulnerability

According to a recent article on, there is a new security vulnerability in the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Flash version, and later, contain an exploit that can allow attackers to gain control of your computer system. This vulnerability is leveraged by Microsoft Office documents that contain content that uses Flash Player. […]

Spectre and Meltdown CPU Vulnerabilities

There are two new, and very dangerous, technology flaws that have recently been discovered, known as Spectre and Meltdown. As reported by and McAfee Security, the flaws are attacks on the Central Processing Unit, or CPU, of your computers, smartphones, or tablets. Why would anyone want to attack the CPU, you ask? The CPU […]

Digmine Malware Warning

There is a new strain of malware, called Digmine, being spread through the popular social media platform, Facebook. According to the Trend Micro security research blog, this malware is spreading through the desktop versions of Facebook messenger in the Google Chrome web browser. Digmine has only been spotted in eastern countries such as Vietnam, Thailand […]

Keylogger Risks on HP Laptops Revealed

An article that was recently published on revealed a major computer security concern in more than 460 models of HP laptops. Installed on every laptop is a piece of software, called a driver, that allows the keyboard and touchpad to function within Windows. Michael Myng, a computer security researcher, has discovered specific HP drivers […]

Ransomware Attack on NC Government Agencies

A recent Associated Press article highlights some of the harsh realities of getting infected with ransomware. The article talks about how Mecklenburg County, North Carolina government agencies recently fell victim to a serious ransomware attack and lost the ability to use most of their computer systems. The day-to-day operations of the county came to a […]