Total Computing Solutions Recovers Significant Data for the Wienkers Family after a Potentially Disastrous IT Crisis

When a member of the Wienkers family suffered a significant loss of important data due to a devastating hard drive failure, Total Computing Solutions effectively recovered all of their critical information and steadfastly restored computer functionality.

Cindy Wienkers is the “chief household officer” to four active children and a busy husband. She has relied heavily on her computer for running her household, as well as organizing large scale community activities. Wienkers believes that being organized is the only way she can function and computers help facilitate this. “I cannot spend a lot of time in committee meetings and I realize many other people are just as busy.  I try to handle a lot of the business at hand through group emails.” Wienkers also prefers to participate in webinars when the option is available. Wienkers notes “I need my PC and laptop working well 24/7.”

The entire Wienkers family is dependent upon computers, using them constantly for a wide variety of purposes. Wienkers chose Total Computing Solutions as her family’s personal IT consultants for their vast knowledge, professionalism and confidentiality.

Wienkers explains they “have bailed me out of countless computer crises over the years.” After her daughter had major data loss on her Mac laptop, it was Total Computing Solutions she contacted to help deal with the situation.

The Situation: A Need for an IT Company Who Understands and Values Home Networking Systems

Total Computing Solutions is willing to go the extra mile to solve a difficult or seemingly hopeless problem. According to Wienkers, Total Computing Solutions worked overnight on her daughter’s laptop to recover her data and restore the hard drive, so that she would have it working in time for her exams. Wienkers states “That is major dedication!”

Wienkers credits Total Computing Solutions with understanding that her home network is just as important as a business network and that they are there to help her even in the most urgent situations. In addition, she feels they provide options, are patient, easy to communicate with and are reasonably priced.

The Solution: Relying on Total Computing Solutions for Dedicated IT Support

Wienkers trusts in the service her family receives from Total Computing Solutions. “Every customer is important to Total Computing Solutions no matter how big the job is”. The Wienkers family is one of their longest standing individual clients and Total Computing Solutions has played an incredibly supportive role in helping them recover from many computer disasters over the years. The Total Computing Solutions team of experts are extremely knowledgeable and proficient in working with Windows, Apple and Linux based systems and are able to quickly diagnose, troubleshoot, and solve any problems that may arise in these systems. This allows for efficient and effective disaster recovery when necessary.

Wienkers says she has recommended Total Computing Solutions numerous times over the years. Unlike other IT companies she had previous experience with, representatives from Total Computing Solutions take her IT problems seriously, even though she is not a business client. “People often call me when they are having computer issues and it’s not because I know anything about computers. People know that I coordinate a lot of organizations, that communication is key for me and that I am very dependent upon my computer. They want to know who my go-to IT guy is. “

Total Computing Solutions works hard to address clients’ problems quickly and efficiently; no matter what type of disaster comes their way. Give Total Computing Solutions a call today at (920) 569-2681 or send an e-mail to so we can help you find the best solutions to suit your unique needs.