Case Study: The Elite Group

The Elite Group values Total Computing Solutions for their responsive support and effective IT solutions. 

The Elite Group is a promotional products & recognition awards company based in De Pere, WI. Their staff is primarily made up of a large sales team that relies on computers every day to communicate with prospects and make sales. Putting up with disruption and delay because of IT problems can quickly affect their bottom line, which makes IT support a vital part of their business.

Elite Group

The situation: The Elite Group was frustrated with the ongoing issues caused by their current IT support provider’s lack of attention. 

Whenever The Elite Group encountered an issue with their IT, their support provider at the time was consistently difficult to work with. They were slow to respond, indifferent when they did, and often blamed the staff at The Elite Group for the problem after the fact.

Due to this subpar level of support, The Elite Group brought Total Computing Solutions on as a backup IT provider, soon after which their poorly maintained server experienced a catastrophic failure. This incident made it clear to The Elite Group that they needed a change.

“We contacted Total Computing Solutions when it became obvious that our previous supplier was unable to provide the services we required,” says Erika Fleming, Account Manager at The Elite Group. “We were so impressed with their responsiveness and knowledge, that we became a permanent customer.”

The solution: Total Computing Solutions became their primary IT support partner, and provided them with truly responsive and effective support.

Total Computing Solutions ended up being the ideal choice for The Elite Group, addressing their concerns with the following solutions:

  • Two Total Computing Solutions technicians worked non-stop to rebuild their server
  • Upgraded their network infrastructure
  • Replaced multiple computers with custom built models
  • Implemented a reliable backup system
  • Installed enterprise grade anti-virus and Internet security software

The Outcome: The Elite Group no longer has to worry about their business’ IT, thanks to exceptional support from Total Computing Solutions. 

To this day Total Computing Solutions continues to provide The Elite Group with routine help desk support on a day-to-day basis and expert consultation on other IT related concerns whenever the need arises.

Erika explains that The Elite Group continues to work with Total Computing Solutions for one very specific reason: “In one word – Nathan. Nathan has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He has the knowledge but doesn’t make you feel inadequate from a technology standpoint. He takes the time to explain things in terms we can understand, and has never once shown up to our office with a poor attitude.”

“I think having a healthy computer system is certainly a benefit all the way around,” says Erika. “When the system is down, which hasn’t been the case for quite a few years now, it really affects customer relations, accounting functions, and actually, employee morale and stress levels. The benefits go far beyond financial.”

Are you putting up with similar IT issues at your business? Contact Total Computing Solutions at (920) 569-2681 or today to receive the same unbeatable IT support services enjoyed by The Elite Group.